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Support your students, your teachers, your Simpson community — together, we make Simpson stronger!

Your PTSA Membership opens the door for so many discounts and opportunities, both locally and nation-wide. Join today and receive a laundry-list of savings.

Your PTSA donations toward Simpson’s Programs and STEAM initiatives directly support your Simpson educational experience. Donate today to support these key programs.

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Student PTSA Membership$7.00
Parent PTSA Membership$7.00
Teacher PTSA Membership$7.00
PTSA Program Donation$5.00$100.00
STEAM Initiatives$10.00$30.00
Spirit Wear T-Shirt$10.00
Spirit Wear Hoodie$25.00
8th Grade Donation$5.00$25.00
Car Magnet$5.00
String Bag$5.00