Join & Volunteer with PTSA


The PTSA supports the academic, social and personal growth of our students.  Your membership and financial donations go a long way in financially supporting the programs/events that support our students and staff.    Together we do make a difference!

The PTSA spending is comprised of 42% student activities, 53% School Support (including student agendas and marquee donation) and 5% administrative expenses.

All PTSA donations are tax deductible!   TAX ID 58-1803226

Please consider joining the PTSA and providing a tax deductible donation today.   You can join in two ways:

  1. Print the form Simpson2019-2020PTSA and return along with your cash or check payment to the PTSA LOCK BOX in the Front Office.
  2. Join Online below via PAYPAL or your credit card.   Coming Soon.

YOUR Support – Volunteer your time for PTSA committees and at Simpson Middle School.

YOUR Tax-Deductible Donation – 100% of Donations stay at Simpson!
 Simpson’s PTSA spends over $13 per student.  After purchasing an agenda for each student, we only receive $0.75 from each $7.00 membership after State and National PTSA fees. Our programs are FULLY funded by donations.  These donations are requested in lieu of PTSA fundraising during the school year.

YOUR Membership – Supports the administrative portion of Simpson’s PTSA involvement

Again, we thank our parents for their support. We rely on your generous donations to the PTSA to run our many programs. Please join us in supporting our school’s PTSA and consider giving a donation to the PTSA this year.  100% of your donations go directly to the Simpson PTSA!

Find the 2018-2019 Simpson Membership and Directory form here.
We look forward to working with you this year!!